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  1. How to increase the site attendance. Part II

    Constantly monitor the dynamics of consumer demand for the various groups of goods or services that you provide.

  2. How to increase the site attendance. Part I

    In this article, experts from Yamako Limited have collected several key reasons why the site may lose its visitors, and how to make the situation better.

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  4. Why Software QA should not be underestimated

    Testing should become an integral part of each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle.

  5. Digital Transformation

    Nowadays scientists begin to pay attention to building effective processes for using all technological capabilities in order to develop business and society.

  6. The Rules of Marketing

    Paul Gillin once said, “Think like a customer.” And, he is absolutely right.

  7. Modern Marketing Opportunities

    New technologies have made the media more customized, making unpredictable returns on traditional advertising.

  8. Tips on how to co-work with your virtual dream team

    In a couple of years, about 70% of office employees will work virtually. Are you ready for this?

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