The question of how long it takes to bring the site to the first pages in the search worries everyone who is engaged in the Internet business. “Why is it taking so long?”, “Maybe we should look for a company that will do everything faster?”, “How can this process be accelerated?”. These and many other questions are asked by business owners after their first meetings with SEO specialists. Most often, the answer will be very individual. To find out for yourself how much time it takes to promote a web resource, we suggest you read our article.

How long does it take to promote a site?

The minimum time to promote the site is about three months. This is the period after which the first changes will begin to appear. It will take about 6 months to achieve a more stable result, and in some niches with high competition, you will need to spend more time on SEO optimization.

Sometimes you can hear from customers that they are ready to pay more, but they can’t or don’t want to wait. They need the result in 2 weeks or a maximum of a month. But such terms are simply unrealistic in SEO. Those contractors who undertake it use “black” methods that can lead to quick results. But then such a site falls under search engine penalties, which are almost impossible to remove.

The duration of the promotion is primarily related to the features of the search algorithms. The latest is configured for maximum protection of the user from low-quality content and satisfaction with his request. For highly specialized projects, the terms of site promotion can be shortened, but in a highly competitive niche, you will undoubtedly have to be patient and enlist the support of experienced specialists.

Analysis of promotion terms to understand how much time it will take to promote an Internet project, the optimizer takes into account various factors. Only such a detailed analysis will make it possible to calculate the time for site promotion. Let’s consider the main of these factors in more detail.

The level of competition in the niche

Studying this direction allows you to understand the starting positions of the project, who are its main competitors and what is their position in the search.

We are to answer the question about the term:

    • authoritativeness of resources, and their visibility in the search;
    • content quality;
    • technical factors – download speed, presence of errors, etc.;
    • design;
    • usability parameters.

Comparing these indicators will show the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s site. In the next stages, a work plan is drawn up and approximate terms are calculated.

The behaviour of search engines and the fight against “instability”

Site promotion time is significantly affected by changes in search settings. For example, recent algorithm updates have shown that stuffing content with keywords doesn’t always lead to good conversions and high rankings. Relevance is what Google prioritizes when ranking a site in search engine results pages for a particular keyword.

Today, user interface and UX have become one of the most important technical aspects. Modern search algorithms are configured to provide consumers with a convenient page where there are all the necessary forms for ordering products, feedback, etc.

All these surprises from Google developers add jobs to SEO specialists. They have to keep their finger on the pulse of all new products and develop promotion strategies taking into account the information that has appeared. Elit-web offers just such a site promotion service, taking into account all updates of search engines, the specifics of the thematic niche and the company itself.

Project promotion budget estimate

The deadline for promoting the site also depends on the budget. Someone will now say that it is not so. But agree that there is a difference – 5-7 specialists are working on the project or one or two. In the team, people will be able to distribute their efforts and, for example, better assemble the semantic core, choose thematic resources where backlinks will be placed, and correct all technical shortcomings. Of course, a group of people will get the job done faster.

When estimating the budget, it is important to understand that cheap SEO can bring any project to a dead end. Therefore, before setting a budget, it is necessary to define a specific goal of the campaign, taking into account measurable results and a time frame. SEO budgets may vary depending on the task at hand. However, one thing is certain; the more money you spend on SEO, the faster you can see results.