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  3. PPC Advertising

    Pay-Per-Click, or Paid Search, is a form of online advertising where an ad for your company appears on the first page of Google when users…

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  5. SEO Optimization

    Online marketing has been seen as a major uprise in the last decade changing the façade of the e-com industry where increasing one’s business online…

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  6. Traffic Monitoring

    We can monitor the position or rank of your Web site on search engines. We also make recommendations to improve your site’s position. We offer…

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  7. Media Planning

    We evaluate each medium’s ability to reach target audiences in the marketplace by considering demographics, psychographics, lifestyle preferences, and other key factors. We utilize market/media…

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  8. Software QA

    The best software product ever invented will fail to be successful if it is released with bugs. • Objective evaluation of the application’s behavior •…

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  9. Display Advertising

    Yamaco simplifies the complex process of digital advertising. From prospect customer analysis data and ad creation to campaign execution and debriefing, Yamaco optimizes your digital…

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  10. Web Apps Development

    Web applications can be as simple as file and knowledge sharing or as complex as asset tracking and management. Using the web as a framework…

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