It’s not a secret that people who negotiate and have dinner together feel like a part of one team. With virtual communication, it is more difficult to achieve the coherence of work.

Although virtual teams offer a lot of benefits to your business, they do have some challenges. In this post, we’ll explore a few best ways to boost engagement among your virtual workers.

  • First of all, create a so-called information field that will be helpful for your employees providing them with the ability to find out everything they need. Add them to all the necessary access and mailing lists.
  • Provide your remote employees with a convenient schedule. Consider that someone is a night owl, and someone is an early riser, someone has the best efficiency in the morning, and someone needs a swing before lunch. Do not forget about the time difference between time zones. And also, if the members of your work team interact with each other, make sure that they are aware of the work schedules of their colleagues.
  • Then make sure that you consider the features of all team members because they live in different countries with their own customs and traditions.
  • Hold online meetings. Use Skype or another tool for this aim. You should see people from time to time, look at their reaction to your questions, etc. But don’t speak for a long time – usually, it’s unproductive. Express your thoughts, discuss the nuances, and quickly move on to the next question.
  • Micromanagement is the last century. Work only with open systems and only in a common environment. All important documents should be kept in the cloud.

We hope the article was useful for working with your dream team.