What is the difference between a manager’s thinking and a customer’s thinking, and why do these differences often lead to a business loss? Let’s figure out.

Contact with the audience

As a manager, you should build a constant trustful and friendly contact with the target audience. It is it who promptly makes adjustments in the direction: where to move, and where not. Personal communication with a client is super-effective marketing for those who are building a company’s growth strategy.

Pave the way

In order to build a trusting relationship, you must consistently lead potential customers to purchase, and in this case, your marketing department will not get off with advertising alone. As a sales specialist, you are obliged to develop or set up an educational route during which a potential client will be able to explore your distinctive features and prospects for yourself. This kind of request cannot be outgoing. Potential customers should be able to find the requested content at any time using the so-called inbound search.

Make them recommend your project

The best opportunity to lay the foundation for future recommendations appears when you explain to your potential customers what results you want to achieve for them. Convince customers that they will be so pleasantly surprised by the cooperation with your company that they will certainly want to share their experience with others. The main thing is to guarantee them such an experience, and then the recommendations will appear very soon.