Our client entrusted us with the outcome of his software application, and he was assured that it would come out as the best in the business. We employ state-of-the-art tools and technologies to refine your software to its most premium version and give it the edge that will allow you to cut through the heavy competition.

Our maintenance services cover:

Preventive, condition-based, predictive, corrective and predetermined maintenance to correct the mistakes and shortcomings found during use, as well as to add new functionality to improve the usability and applicability of the software.

Performance testing & monitoring played a key role during performance testing wherein the load subjected on the application may degrade the performance of the system.

Performance tuning/optimization for fast and productive work of the software.

Provision of workarounds, implementation of upgrades and provision of hotfixes we did to ensure that everything works correctly.

Version updates & enhancements delivery were our last steps.

Our support services covered:

Assistance with the installation of the software has become a vital part of our work.

Due to incident initiation, we minimized the adverse impact on business operations and ensured that agreed levels of service quality were maintained.

We provided the client’s business with email support, live chat support and telephone support to provide uses with outstanding service. We made sure that necessary system requirements were met, and created and updated program files and folders.

We added a function of live remote assistance to provide top-notch services to the user.

The Result

Our software maintenance and support services accelerated client’s business growth and let him achieve bigger heights. We offered the client both fixed-cost quick start and custom engagements aimed at driving more value from your business solutions and enterprise IT initiatives.

In addition, we offer extensive sustainable adoption and training solutions to ensure your organization successfully reaps the benefits of your technology investments. We have significantly reduced our own costs and improved user experience.

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