The goal

This project was aimed to develop a receipts platform that would enable automated sending of purchase receipts to the customers (with the primary goal to improve the sales of different Vendor’s products and services). The system’s concept was an online platform that provided vendors to send receipts to the users by using simple platform logic, and at the same time to establish a post-sales connection with customers (with offers etc.).

Work process

We decided to make Receipts platform with different modules, such as Vendor’s module, Admin module, Backend module, Customer mobile app, Database functionality/ module. This product will allow Vendors to be able to use the Receipts platform from their desktop browser (mobile device’s browser).

The primary attribute of our platform (application) will be usability given the large amounts of data and information that will be presented on different screen layouts, as well as the user’s ability to input data into the browser/ device in a reasonable manner that should not be that much more difficult than if they were at an actual computer.

As usability is hard to quantify, substantial user testing will be needed and feedback gathered to determine if the application can generally be considered usable. All main browsers will be able to open the application and use its functionalities from their screen/ device. The Receipts platform will allow Vendors to create and manage Receipts (campaigns) in real-time.

We should ensure that our platform has the strongest chance to drive organic search performance by fulfilling these SEO technical requirements in the search for our platform, development, and implementation vendors.


Now the client has a better way to store and manage receipts – it is a practical and viable solution for the store owner. We designed a solution to help consumers better manage their receipts and transactions, improved the checkout counter experience; created a solution for sellers to better manage & store their sales & entries.

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