To ensure that its ads reached the right audience, our team created a new digital campaign using targeting capabilities and more visually engaging ad formats. It ran its online campaigns, focusing on reaching the target audience. These formats were efficient and cost-effective ways to distribute promotional content across multiple platforms, helping the client boost audience reach while increasing customer engagement with the brand.

The clickthrough rate and level of engagement of the marketing campaign performed greatly. We were pleasantly surprised by the percentage of users who clicked to the website after watching, and the traffic driven by the ad following plays.

Work process

We provided Market Research to gather information about target markets and customers of our clients. Then we developed a Web Marketing Strategy to set clear goals. Yamako team decided to start with banner marketing to make the target audience remember client’s business through our business banners. Content Marketing has become one more strong suit of our work process as it was necessary to add interesting blogs to the website to attract more new visitors. E-Mail Marketing helped the client build meaningful relationships with his customers, but we remembered that it was important not to overuse email marketing – just not to be annoying. Then we started to work with Search Engine Marketing,

Social Media Marketing, and Strategic Bid Management to ensure the smooth running of the bid for a project within the correct time and financial parameters, and manage the relationship with the client.

Competitor gap analysis, conversion rate optimization, keyword research and selection, and link redirect audit have become the last steps of our work.


The client is very happy with the results so far and began to receive more calls, emails, and sales within the first week of having the advertisements up and running on their social media channels. These are some of the results we’ve generated in a short period:

  • Our ads have collectively reached 234,662 people on Facebook, making over 308,831 impressions.
  • We’ve acquired 9,570 link clicks to various pages on their website.

Moreover, the reach and frequency of organic posts are continuously increasing at a steady rate; cost per result is decreasing with time.

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