In this article, experts from Yamako Limited have collected several key reasons why the site may lose its visitors, and how to make the situation better.

Low attendance has two main reasons: unsuccessful development and bad promotion (or its complete absence). Let’s consider in more detail each of them.

Lack of marketing research at the design stage

Even at the stage of project formation, it is important to ensure that in the end you get a useful and attractive tool for the target audience. To do this, experts conduct an analysis of the target audience and competitors, where they determine the key requirements for the site and the basic set of necessary tools. If this is not done, you risk losing finances for creating an unnecessary resource that is significantly inferior to competitors.

Inconvenient interface

An experienced UX specialist must work on the design, which will provide user-friendly and user-friendly interaction with the site. The usability depends on the number of visitors who return to the site repeatedly, as well as the conversion rate from visitors to customers, which is also important for the effectiveness of the resource.

Complicated navigation

If it is difficult for the user to find the section, service, or product he needs, most likely he will leave to look for them from competitors. Therefore, creating a structure, it should be remembered that a potential client knows about your field much less than you do.


The longer users wait while loading pages, the fewer they remain. It is important to optimize PageSpeed ​​so that any page loads no longer than 3 seconds.

Lack of responsive design

Forgetting about the interests of smartphone users, you lose about half of the targeted visitors. Therefore, it is important to ensure the adaptability of the design when developing a resource. So, you will make it equally convenient for all types of devices.

The pursuit of creativity

It is important to remember that the main task of the site is not to impress the visitor, but to help him. For a user, a site is primarily a tool for making purchases, searching for information, or a means of communication. This is often forgotten when trying to create unique visual solutions. As a result, the visitor sees an attractive picture, original design solutions, but how to use the resource – he has no idea.

Badly selected hosting

The speed of the site and the load with which it will cope depend on the choice of a hosting provider. For example, the common problems of free hosting: a lot of ads that scare visitors away, and the lack of quality technical support. If you use the services of foreign providers, this can slow down the resource if it is designed for an audience in your country.

It is important to understand that for different niches completely different normal traffic indicators. Yamako Limited advises to consider the following:

Do not stop promotion work

SEO is a relatively stable source of traffic. After the optimization is stopped, the traffic from the search does not begin to decrease by itself. But it’s important to remember that competitors are also optimizing their own resources, and therefore over time you can be squeezed out of high positions. Therefore, the only reliable way to keep search traffic is to regularly improve the Internet resource.