PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click, or Paid Search, is a form of online advertising where an ad for your company appears on the first page of Google when users search keywords that are associated with your product or service. Facebook, Twitter, Bing, all offer PPC options to promote your business or social media posting. You get charged when someone clicks on your ad.

Our digital marketing team of experts provides custom PPC Advertising services that target your exact customer when they need you most.

Benefits Include:
• Get going immediately! Your ad begins to run the day you start your campaign
• You determine the budget and maximum cost-per-click that you’re willing to pay
• Ad campaigns can be custom-tailored to target specific demographics and geographic locations as well as days/times of your choosing
• Retargeting campaigns can show specific ads to individuals who have visited your site in the past
• Google Display Network campaigns show your ads on websites that would be relevant to your business’s products and services.
• Ads can be targeted to mobile devices
• Typically more cost-effective per lead compared to other forms of advertising

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SEO Optimization

Online marketing has been seen as a major uprise in the last decade changing the façade of the e-com industry where increasing one’s business online rank becomes very important and crucial. Search Engine Optimization is basically used to bring your website’s name amongst the top ten search engine results. Getting a top ranking result is a tedious job to do but for our SEO professional, it’s not a problem at all. With our on and off-page optimization strategies, we help build your online presence while generating traffic towards your website simultaneously.

The way your company’s name shows up in the search engine’s results signifies how well it has been optimized for e-marketing. Yamaco offers a variety of online marketing strategies which will increase your brand value while making you top the search results of major search engines that is Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. We are an SEO Services Company in India offering a wide range of search engine optimization services long with SMO Services and PPC services. In our SEO services we will provide you with the following:

• Off-page optimization/Submissions for backlinks creation: article, blog posting, video, directory, image posting, press releases submission, etc.
• On-page optimization: Meta tags creation and implementation, high traffic generating keywords, keyword, and content analysis ensuring complete authenticity and genuineness, monthly reports of traffic generated and rankings achieved, etc.
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Traffic Monitoring

We can monitor the position or rank of your Web site on search engines. We also make recommendations to improve your site’s position.

We offer several programs for monitoring Web site ranking or position with search engines. We can provide you with a weekly or monthly report showing you the position of your Web site when people search for your keywords. We also recommend changes to your Web site to improve your search engine position or ranking.

Search engines are the primary gateways to Web sites, and if your Web site doesn’t receive a high ranking on relevant keywords, your prospects may be visiting your competitors’ Web sites instead of yours.

• Position Monitoring Report
Yamaco Search Engine Position Monitoring Service will provide you with a report that shows you how your Web site ranked on each of the ten major search engines, as well as the title and abstracts of the top ten sites ranked for those keywords.

• Position Analysis Report
An optional service offered by Yamaco is the Position Analysis Report. We review the Position Monitoring Report, compare it to the previous month’s report, and analyze those sites that received a higher ranking. We then provide a written report that outlines recommended steps to improve your Web site’s search engine ranking performance.
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Media Planning

We evaluate each medium’s ability to reach target audiences in the marketplace by considering demographics, psychographics, lifestyle preferences, and other key factors.

We utilize market/media research and key industry trends to define and select the appropriate methods and vehicles to achieve marketing objectives and to determine the media mix strategy.

We also employ best practices in everything we do to measure results along the way and make decisions that we can quantify to help drive media efficiencies for every project’s budget.

We will always work hand in hand with our clients and their teams to develop optimal and efficient media strategies based on key marketing needs. From the onset of a new relationship, we want to be heavily involved in a client’s marketing effort while keeping abreast of other initiatives in the company. This up-front involvement allows us to be more effective in planning and buying media.
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Software QA

The best software product ever invented will fail to be successful if it is released with bugs.
• Objective evaluation of the application’s behavior
• Fast turnaround from the initial call to posted results
• Secure online bugbase with dev team access
When it comes to software testing, a “fresh pair of eyes” goes a long way to helping uncover defects in functionality. Developers may claim to test their own product but being closely familiar with the product, they tend to make assumptions that an end-user would not see. An experienced Beta Breakers tester not only provides a clean, objective approach to testing but also applies testing methodologies that others simply do not possess. The result? A database of well-described defects your developers will use to perfect your software, website or mobile application.

You have spent dozen, possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars developing your application. The last thing you need is to launch it with flaws. When it comes to software & website quality assurance, there is simply no substitute for professional, talented QA resources. Yamaco is just that. Our quality assurance methodologies and storied history make us the perfect functionality testing partner.
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Display Advertising

Yamaco simplifies the complex process of digital advertising. From prospect customer analysis data and ad creation to campaign execution and debriefing, Yamaco optimizes your digital marketing campaign through a unique, best-in-class approach. Would it be neat? Just send us a list of your customers or tell us the market you want to target and we do the rest. Creating a highly effective and affordable digital advertising campaign has never been so easy.
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Web Apps Development

Web applications can be as simple as file and knowledge sharing or as complex as asset tracking and management.

Using the web as a framework we create applications that help our clients work productively, efficiently serve their customers and streamline their business processes. Whatever your aim is we’ve got the experience and track record to provide the web application you need.

Web applications and mashups can transform your business processes and create cost savings. Talk to us about how we can help you work smarter and save money by improving the way your staff manages your customers or through self-service portals that help your customers serve themselves.

The web is a powerful and mature software application development environment. Is your business leveraging its power properly?
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Software Projects Planning

The project planning stage requires several inputs, including conceptual proposals, project schedules, resource requirements/limitations and success metrics. Project planning begins by setting the scope of a project and eventually working through each level of dependent actions, tasks, checkpoints and deadlines.

All of this information is integrated into Gantt charts, or other types of scheduling charts, to provide a project overview for all involved parties.

The culmination of the project planning stage identifies:

  • Roadblocks in the project
  • Work required for project completion
  • People involved in the project and their key responsibilities
  • Minimum project completion time
  • Major project deliverables
  • Required project milestones

Our company can assist with all stages of product planning and thus ensure your success and on-time delivery.
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